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We are experienced ethical hackers driven to help secure your digital universe and close the gaps that traditional defensive strategies have failed to address. With our offensive security testing, you can rest assured that your data is safe and protected from external threats. Join us on our mission to protect the digital world – one hack at a time.

Our story

White Box Security was born to fill a gap in the world of cybersecurity. We realized that companies were implementing digital safeguards such as firewalls, endpoint security products, and SIEMs, but never verifying if they worked – leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks. We wanted to change that and help organizations find and close these gaps by proactively testing their defenses.

Our mission is to ensure that companies have the best protection against cyber threats possible, so they can feel secure in the knowledge that their networks are safe and secure. Through our offensive security testing, we can help organizations detect and prevent cyber attacks before it’s too late. So join us in our mission to make the world a better, safer place for everyone.

our values


We believe that a high-quality penetration test requires more than technical skill. Our emphasis on communication between the parties during the process sets us apart from other security assessment companies.

This two-way dialogue provides an opportunity to tailor assessments to your specific needs and uncover deeper insights, making your penetration test far more effective and efficient.

Results Maximization

With expert hackers focused on assessing services and systems most important to your organization, we give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your most important assets are safe and secure.

With our tailored testing solutions, you can rest assured that we will maximize the results you need to protect your business from digital intruders.

Customer Experience

Penetration testing should not be something to dread or fear. We strive to make each engagement a positive experience, protecting your company from malicious cyber attacks and empowering your security team to strengthen their defenses through our insights and recommendations.

Let us show you that penetration testing can be an exciting opportunity for growth and improvement of your security posture.

Constant Improvement

At White Box Security, continuous learning is one of our founding pillars of success. Our team of experts is continuously driven to learn more and hone their skills. We are committed to devoting time to becoming even better hackers every day.

Our Methodology

White Box Testing

We believe in the white box penetration testing methodology. Our experienced and qualified team will collaborate with you to provide the most effective and efficient penetration tests possible. We’re dedicated to ensuring the comprehensive security of your infrastructure and minimizing business disruptions so that your operations remain uninterrupted.

Our Founder


Steven Peterson

Chief Hacking Officer

Steven is a seasoned veteran of the network security space with over 17 years of experience in both offensive and defensive roles. As Founder and Chief Hacking Officer of White Box Security, Steven has seen first-hand the need for organizations to test their defenses to protect themselves from cyber threats.

With a degree in Information Security and Assurance from Kennesaw State University and numerous well recognized industry certifications, Steven is well-equipped to lead teams in assessing risk and testing defenses.

He founded White Box Security to help organizations find gaps in their security and close those gaps with comprehensive solutions that protect data from malicious actors. His passion for finding vulnerabilities in an organization's security systems has helped countless businesses protect their data and remain secure.

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